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Beaver Helmet Wash Cleaner

Helmet Cleaning Machine: Breathe Easy, Work Safe: Beaver Helmet Wash Cleaner – Your Hygiene Powerhouse

Protecting your people starts with protecting their gear. Introducing the Beaver Helmet Wash Cleaner, a revolutionary hygiene solution that delivers comprehensive sanitation, enhanced cleaning, and efficient drying – all in one. All accomplished in just an 8-minute wash!

Helmet Cleaning Machine


Helmet Cleaning Machine

99.9% Bacterial Removal

Our powerful combination of ozone sterilization and UV light technology eliminates virtually all harmful bacteria, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for your people.

Safe Detergent

Powerful cleaning doesn’t have to be harsh. Our specially formulated detergent tackles grime and sweat without compromising helmet integrity or user safety. Gentle on materials, tough on dirt.

Efficient Drying

Get your helmets back in action fast. Our rapid drying system minimizes downtime and keeps your crew working safely.


Say goodbye to lingering odors and airborne contaminants. The Beaver Helmet Wash actively sanitizes the air within the system, providing fresh, breathable helmets in every cycle.

Comprehensive Sterilization

Leave no germ untouched. Dual-action heat drying and UV light eliminate moisture and hidden bacteria, preventing mold growth and ensuring total sanitation.

Cashless Convenience

Skip the lines and simplify billing. The Beaver Helmet Wash integrates seamlessly with cashless payment systems for smooth and efficient operation.

How to Use

How Beaver Helmet Cleaning Machine Works

Do you struggle with keeping your helmet clean and fresh? The Beaver Helmet Washer is here to change that!

This innovative machine provides a fast, convenient, and automated way to clean your helmet, leaving it hygienic and smelling great.

Watch our video to see how the Beaver transforms your helmet care routine:

  • No more manual scrubbing: Save time and effort with our automated cleaning system.
  • Thorough clean in minutes: Powerful jets ensure every corner is hygienically clean.
  • Safe for all helmets: Gentle yet effective cleaning for any type of helmet.
  • Convenient and portable: Perfect for motorcycle shops, rental services, and even home use.
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Frequently asked questions

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01 How does the Beaver Helmet Cleaning Machine work?

The Beaver uses a combination of ozone sterilization, UV light, heat drying, and safe detergent to achieve 99.9% bacterial removal and comprehensive helmet cleaning.

02 Which types of helmets are suitable for cleaning with the Beaver Helmet Cleaning Machine?

The Beaver Helmet Wash can clean various types of helmets.

Note: Always check the cleaning instructions from the helmet manufacturer before using the Beaver or any other cleaning method.

03 Does the Beaver Helmet Cleaning Machine help the environment?

Yes, the Beaver uses an environmentally friendly cleaning process by:
– Avoiding harsh chemicals and detergents.
– Using low-temperature drying and ozone sterilization, which consume less energy.
– Providing a long-lasting cleaning solution that reduces waste compared to single-use wipes or sprays.

04 How much does the Beaver helmet wash cleaner cost?

The Beaver helmet wash cleaner is priced at 5 SGD.

05 How long does a typical wash cycle take?

A typical wash cycle in the Beaver Helmet Wash takes only 8 minutes to finish.

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