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Here’s a glimpse of the multiple locations where you can find Beaver’s car wash machines

      All Locations
      • 10 Bendemeer Road
      • 101A Bidadari Park Drive
      • 103 Bidadari Park Drive
      • 106 Bidadari Park Drive
      • 109A Bidadari Park Drive
      • 109A Bidadari Park Drive
      • 112 Whampoa Rd
      • 113 Alkaff Crescent
      • 115 Jalan Ayer
      • 116 Jalan Tenteram
      • 117 Alkaff Crescent
      • 13 North Bridge Road
      • 19A Jalan Tenteram
      • 201 Woodleigh Link
      • 206 Woodleigh Link
      • 207 Woodleigh Link
      • 2A Upp Aljuneid Lane
      • 26 St George’S Lane
      • 28A Beo Crescent
      • 32A Jalan Bahagia
      • 39 Bendemeer Rd
      • 44A Havelock Rd
      • 49A Whampoa South
      • 50A Sims Dr
      • 51A Havelock Rd
      • 5A Upp Boon Keng Road
      • 60A Geylang Bahru
      • 638 Veerasamy Road
      • 78 Lorong Limau
      • 78A Indus Rd
      • 814 Jellicoe Rd
      • 85A Whampoa Rd
      • 8A Jalan Kukoh
      • 8A Upp Boon Keng Rd
      • 8C Boon Keng Road
      • 96 Havelock Road
      • 98A Whampoa Drive
      • 113 Mcnair Road
      • 108 Mcnair Road
      • 6A Boon Keng Road
      • 4A St Georges Lane
      • 65A Kallang Bahru
      • 13A Upp Boon Keng Road
      • 2A Bedok South Ave 1
      • 10A Bedok South Ave 2
      • 13A Bedok South Road
      • 19A Bedok South Road
      • 30A New Upper Changi Road
      • 34A Bedok South Ave 2
      • 35A Bedok South Ave 2
      • 115 Simei Street 1
      • 125 Simei Street 1
      • 166 Simei Road
      • 256A Simei Street 1
      • 248 Simei Street 3
      • 94A Bedok North Ave 4
      • 114A Bedok North St 2
      • 116A Bedok North Road
      • 184 Bedok North Road
      • 187 Bedok North St 4
      • 208A New Upper changi Road
      • 215A Bedok Central
      • 219 Bedok Central
      • 220 Bedok Central
      • 761A Bedok Reservoir View
      • 765A Bedok Reservoir View
      • 769A Bedok Reservoir View
      • 772A Bedok Reservoir View
      • 154 Bedok South Road
      • 222 Bedok North Drive
      • 431 Bedok North Road

      Self Service Car Wash Singapore

      Are you tired of spending your precious time and money on getting your car washed? Look no further! Self Service Car Wash Singapore are the perfect solution for those who want to take control of their car’s cleanliness.In the bustling city-state of Singapore, where convenience is key, self-service car washes provide a convenient and cost-effective option for car owners. These state-of-the-art facilities allow you to personally clean your vehicle using high-quality equipment and professional-grade cleaning products.

      Why choose a self-service car wash in Singapore? Firstly, it gives you the freedom to clean your vehicle at your own pace. You no longer have to wait in long queues or rely on someone else to do the job. With easy-to-use equipment and clear instructions, washing your own car has never been easier. Secondly, self-service car washes in Singapore offer a range of services and options to cater to different needs.

      Moreover, self-service car washes are not only budget-friendly but also environmentally friendly. The use of water-saving technologies ensures efficient water usage while still achieving excellent cleaning results. Visit us today and discover how effortless it can be to keep your vehicle looking its best with self-service car washes in Singapore!

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      Self Service Car Wash Singapore

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      01 How can I get a quote for advertising?

      We’d love to help you promote your brand! Contact us at 8188 0781, and our team will provide you with a quote and discuss the advertising options tailored to your business needs.

      02 Is it suitable for all types of vehicles?

      Yes, the system is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicle types, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Its adjustable settings ensure a safe and effective cleaning process for different sizes and styles of vehicles.

      03 Is the cleaning process safe for vehicle paint and finish?

      Absolutely, the Beaver Vehicle Washing System is designed with advanced technology that ensures a gentle yet effective cleaning process. The brushes and cleaning agents are specifically formulated to avoid scratching or damaging the vehicle’s paint and finish.

      05 Can I pause the car wash if needed?

      Absolutely! The Beaver Vehicle Washing System allows you to pause the car wash process if needed. If you find it necessary to halt the cleaning cycle for any reason, simply follow the instructions provided on the display or interface within the system. This feature provides you with the flexibility and control to manage the process according to your requirements.

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